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...And like Jesus the Lock Legion services were resurrected.

Yes, as you can see, we've changed some things, previous hoster scaleway crashed their network right in the middle of tech operations over here, in the forums, therefore, temporarily, our server got turned into a vegetable[...]


So, here's the drill, i was messing around with fixing 500 errors while running backend background jobs and decided to reboot the server. Reboot starts to take unusually long amount of time so i've decided to check what's going on in scaleway's panel, and there i find out that all my Amsterdam instances (which only had LL server) suddenly disappeared. I wrote a ticket to their support, after a while they've responded that they are having global network issues, by that time onwards, server was obviously down and you've noticed that , so after waiting a few hours i was able to get in my instance from their panel, but turns out ssh service was dead, after an hour-something of fiddling with their bootscripts and resetting root password i was able to finally get ssh working, to eventually find out that the server was in a vegetative state, due to the fact that the rest of the services were down and it was n/a from the web. Okay, thought clearing things up via the ticket will help, but it didn't (and it took 2 days), in the end situation looked quite shitty & i couldn't afford to loose any more time and decided to move the fuck away from scaleway to somewhere else.


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well, unlike sunshine, you got the forums back, so good job!

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