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Forum update #2: Reactions & bookmarks

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Hey there, another small update here



Earlier i was testing out the bookmarks addon and now i can say it works more-or-less stable now


You can bookmark your favourite posts, threads or forums to save a memory or two, or for reading later.


2. Reactions

Also I recieved some tips that it would be better to have a dislike button as well as the like one, so why limit yourself with those two if you can express yourself in a whole facepunch-esque pallete of reactions:


Your favourite dislikes, like you wanted

[bGCOLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)] p.s. you can't react to your own posts [/bGCOLOR]


3. Trash threads

Mods can now trash threads, all the thrashed threads are being moved to the Wastebasket.

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