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  1. well, unlike sunshine, you got the forums back, so good job!
  2. [attachment=68]reposting cause other thread locked (I think)
  3. Hmm, what engine are you using again? Can we write addons?
  4. Ok, got another suggestion: I recently visited the clock forums and the only thing that I was impressed with was the trophies. We should do something like that where the icons are under the user's profile picture in a post. It'd also be nice to have a lot more trophies than what we've got currently (with little images to go with them)
  5. Nice! looks really smooth. One suggestions though: you should change the logo to the key of glorton slowly moving toward a lock. You know, comedic value and all that.
  6. It's being a bit funny on Android [attachment=59]maybe that's just the lack of a frontend
  7. Awesome, works perfectly!
  8. Another suggestion: could our names be different colors based on what color lock we are? Like the discord
  9. Just noticed you wrote in: (in part by popular demand) That was me guys Being serious here now, I've got a suggestion. Could you put the like/dislike buttons next to the reactions button instead of inside of it? I think most people don't use it since it looks like a thumbs up and they want to put a smiley face or something. Basically since likes and dislikes count more than other reactions, could you set them apart so it is people's immediate reaction to a post to either like or dislike it?
  10. even if it does lag mobile like crazy
  11. I dunno, try it in dark mode, it looks amazing
  12. Still think we should have a banner for the forums...
  13. That'd be really cool, but could you fix the dark mode for mobile? It makes profiles bigger than they should be.