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  1. Yay, the forums are no longer in the state of stasis now, looks like G-man had some mercy on poor thing. Oh well, time to get back to the usual talks, i guess.
  2. ...And like Jesus the Lock Legion services were resurrected. Yes, as you can see, we've changed some things, previous hoster scaleway crashed their network right in the middle of tech operations over here, in the forums, therefore, temporarily, our server got turned into a vegetable[...]
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    Apocalyptic collab

    Apocalyptic collab
  5. Test of vocaroo embed (requires flash) [MEDIA=vocaroo]s1UxUd1UgLYF[/MEDIA]
  6. i can 100% say it's a failing swf getting resized upd: and fixed "got rid" of a function and a call in addon's js
  7. [This is a continuation of NGU, to learn more about it, please visit this thread] Get My Flash! Hey there, wan to get your flash from your favourite portal? Lost your old submission? Want to back up you precious swiff memories? That's possible with Get My Flash! Just pop your submission link into the url bar and hit "Get!" and presto - you'll get your flash link right away. [spoiler=Changelog] [1.2.0] * Fixed some bugs + Expanded to armor games, so it's not newgrounds exclusive anymore Limitations [Newgrounds] Flash submissions older & including 2006 are not supported Visit Get My Flash!
  8. Read help, yes & yet we'd rather wait
  9. apparently there's no addon for that type of trophies, we have current trophies which are more like achievements
  10. Changelog bump. Now with armor games. Therefore, added a poll
  11. Changelog bump and we have a new shiny mobile-friendly frontend, and i finally can download [uSER=4]@Wine[/uSER]'s flash
  12. Wrong link, fixed yesterday
  13. now that's i can make, but please choose responsibly
  14. yes, anytime, same engine or another?
  15. It's up and running, everyone. Will tweak it from time to time. Go test it