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    The "Spring is Here" Collab

    spring is coming: jolly ol' saint nick has left the building and frosty the snowman is up in the sky ready to rain down and bring life to the dead-ass grass. flowers Specs: Resolution: 720p (1280x720) for .swf files, 1080p (1920x1080) for video files (.mp4) i'll update this post in a little with a link to a google drive folder to upload your finished parts. i'll stitch the parts together make a part ideally 1+ minute long about the spring season. please no shitty low effort parts
  2. tbh the whole website is mostly white/light grey so i don't think the snow effect is worth the lag some people are getting from it
  3. in the poll do you mean like having a dark theme when the user's timezone is at night? that's actually a kind of cool idea

    NGU - Newgrounds' flash. Unlocked.

    nice, so it'll let us find the URLs to our old hidden flashes basically?

    make this site like sunshine's

    making this post to test if it's still doing itedit it's better now

    make this site like sunshine's

    making posts/clicking on my profile name at the top on the .rocks site gives me a security error
  7. yeah this X and next and no-number shit is lame just stick with v10. there's a reason sunshine's site wasn't title "LOCKLEGION: REVIVAL"
  8. okay, now the forums tab is better. that could be the default again since it's basically the what's-new page with a post thread button & user info. i like it a lot actually. now we just need a v10 after the locklegion at the top of the page

    make this site like sunshine's

    to add to this, the "stop all emails" button in the notification emails did not work for me
  10. ZTEAGH

    make this site like sunshine's

    Just gonna throw in little things as i spot them. Definitely all email alerts should be disabled, except maybe pms
  11. having multiple subforums is fine, but the main page shouldn't be a list of the categories & subforums, it should be like the "whats-new" page. http://forum.locklegion.rocks/whats-new/ if that page had a spot for making a new thread, where you can pick the subforum with a dropdown, it would pretty much be just like sunshine's site. just a little prettying up and you're good to go. i think a lot of features on here are good but there's some bloat that could be trimmed to make it look smoother. i'm definitely just glad we have a site again so well done rss