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      ATTN: Incoming updates   04/22/2018

      Please expect (sudden) incoming updates. Some things might break. Thanks for your patience.

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    hooray! good job, RSS! thank you.
  5. well, unlike sunshine, you got the forums back, so good job!
  6. ...And like Jesus the Lock Legion services were resurrected. Yes, as you can see, we've changed some things, previous hoster scaleway crashed their network right in the middle of tech operations over here, in the forums, therefore, temporarily, our server got turned into a vegetable[...]
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  8. Pumpkin Dancing

  9. Pumpkin Unlocked

  10. The "Spring is Here" Collab

    spring is coming: jolly ol' saint nick has left the building and frosty the snowman is up in the sky ready to rain down and bring life to the dead-ass grass. flowers Specs: Resolution: 720p (1280x720) for .swf files, 1080p (1920x1080) for video files (.mp4) i'll update this post in a little with a link to a google drive folder to upload your finished parts. i'll stitch the parts together make a part ideally 1+ minute long about the spring season. please no shitty low effort parts
  11. Apocalyptic collab

    Apocalyptic collab
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